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In one of my recent articles i wrote for permaculture news i described a little bit the impact of the earthquake last April in Nepal.You can see the article here.

This time i am happy to share with you that i will be going back to Nepal for the first time after the Earthquake to assist my friend,teacher and Permaculture Pioneer Govinda Sharma with a Permaculture Design Certificate in March 2016.

Govinda Sharma has been practicing and teaching Permaculture since 1992 and has facilitated 30 PDCs and about 250 short courses in various aspects of Permaculture. His trainings have included participants from almost 55 countries.

                               Govinda Sharma presenting at the Permaculture Conference in Malawi 2009

He has a Masters Degree in Ecological Agriculture and has worked with farmers all over Nepal and in countries like Austria, Japan, Malawi, India, Qatar and France.

                               Govinda Sharma & Roman Eisenk√∂bl during a PDC in South India,Auroville

Co-Facilitator Roman Eisenkoelbl, was part so far of 13 PDC Courses (organization & co-Facilitation) so far and some of his teachers include David Homlgren, Rosemary Morrow, Robyn Francis, Alex Kruger (Berg en Dal Ecovillage),Rico Zook(i-permaculture) and Govinda Sharma (organichasera – Nepal). He is the founder of the Soil Sun Soul Collective ( a transformational Permaculture Education Project.
During a PDC together in South India

Together they will offer a high quality Permaculture Design Course Certificate at an amazing Permaculture Farm – Hasera. HASERA Farm,one of Nepals leading Permaculture Research and Training Centre dedicated to the promotion of Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Development and Permaculture.see more here

HASERA is a Research and Training Centre dedicated to the promotion of Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Development and Permaculture in Nepal and abroad..
The 3 Objectives of Hasera Farm:
  1. To generate knowledge base on sustainable agriculture, sustainable development and Permaculture through farm and community research.

2. To practice and demonstrate the proven techniques in the real field situation.

3. To disseminate the proven knowledge of sustainable agriculture, sustainable development and Permaculture to the global communities through training, workshops and publications
At HASERA an exceptional integration of crops, animals and natural biodiversity can be found.

                             View from Hasera farm towards the snow peaked Himalayan Mountain range

The major aspects that can be learned and observed in this farm during the exposure visits include:
Climate Change
Community Forestry
Natural Resource Management
Sustainable / Organic Agriculture
Sustainable Community Development
Integrated Ecological Pest Management
Certification and Marketing of Organic Products
Soil and water management in the Hill Farming Systems
Integrated Farm Designing with principles of Permaculture

Many of the people might be interested in knowing aobut the current situation in Nepal and also how Permaculture Dsign has benefited places like Hasera Farm during the earthquake.Here is a quick update.
How Permaculture Design & Strategies saved Hasera Farm from the earthquake last April:
The Impact of the Earthquake at Hasera Farm and the response:
At Hasera Farm, Govinda Sharma and his family have been applying Permaculture Design & Strategies for the last 22 years. They have applied Permaculture Principles to all zones of their farm which resulted in a very diverse and resilient systems which is nowadays one of the best Permaculture Farm Project examples in the whole of Nepal.

Undoubtedly, major focus in terms of Design for Disaster Strategies has been given for the design of zone 0 :: the house.

While designing the house we designed it in pyramidal shape and also made it in concentric ring structures. So the main structure of the house, which is at the center is taller and the support structures which encircle the main house from the outside are shorter. This made the house wide base and narrow top. This provided the enough anchor for the house to stand still even during the threatening shakes of 7.9 Richter scale earth quake in April 2015.

                                 Fig: HASERA farm house, tall center supported by short surroundings

Also, we put doors at every sides of the house and also at both floors. It made us possible to escape out of the house immediately after noticing the earth quake. So at the time when all the houses in the surroundings fell in to the ground, our farm house stood strong.

Besides these, we have more than 10 special design features at our home which make it more ecological, social and peaceful.

Now we are sharing our house designing skills with the local communities and helping them to make their homes accordingly.

                                Pict: Sharing the knowledge of Permaculture home designing with the community.

Some 173 families in our surroundings have been benefitted by our support program. We are helping them through knowledge and some materials to renovate their house with the use of principles of Permaculture. The problem created by the earth quake is being used as an opportunity to redesign the village in Permaculture way.

More nicely, we received donations from many Permaculture friends from throughout the world in this mission proving the integrity between the members of Permaculture community throughout the world.
Slowly things are getting back to normal step by step and Permaculture Design can definitely play a major role in supporting this process.
The Permaculture Design Course is a first big step on your Permaculture Journey !

The course price of 450 Dollar includes food, bed, tuition, stationeries, training materials, exposure visits!

Here is a SLIDESHOW from a PDC Course we did together in South India:

have a look at some images from our Permaculture Design Course in March 2014 with Govinda Sharma from Nepal,Roman and Martin.It was a wonderful time,great experiences we shared together and really amazing group of people meet,shared and learned for 2 weeks in South India,on the edge of Auroville.see here:

We are looking forward hearing from you!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Wisdomkeepers - Paqo Andino

Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino is an inspirational, emotionally intimate documentary film revealing the heart centered, celestially guided lifeways of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition, one of our planet's few remaining uninterrupted wisdom lineages.

Filmed on location in the Peruvian highlands, this unprecedented film takes us on a journey into the heart of an ancient earthkeeping culture to experience a way of life that is at once practical and mystical. It presents universally applicable insights into a state of being based on loving kindness, unconditional reciprocity, sustainability and the sanctity of daily life — the foundations of what is known as The Living Peace.


Altomisayoq (Alto•me•sigh•yoke), meaning one who embodies the prayers of the high altar, is a name given to Andean celestial Paqos by European chroniclers in the mid-16th century. These Paqos, or maestros of the Living Energy, who constitute the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition are not shaman. They comprise one of our planet's few unbroken lineages of ancestral wisdomkeepers and spiritual intermediaries who have stewarded humanity's heart wisdom, animistic consciousness and celestially integrated reality for over 13,000 years.

In 1532 during their maltreatment by conquest and inquisition forces, Andean Paqos found it necessary to retreat to remote, high-altitude locations to safeguard their practical and esoteric wisdom. By enduring the hardships of extended isolation and secrecy for the past 480 years, this ancient lineage has been able to maintain its unified cosmology while keeping its holistic lifeways intact.

Following the disruption of the Inkan civilization, fewer and fewer Paqos have been able to sustain the lineage's high practices due to corruptive influences, mentorship die-off and a general lack of modern day apprentices willing to undertake the rigors of this demanding and resolute path. Presently, as foretold by oral history, the Apus, or mountain spirit benefactors, have begun recognizing and initiating western practitioners in order to expand the lineage, integrate cultures, restore humanity's cognitive lifeways and increase spiritual responsibility among industrialized societies.

Filmmaker Jeffrey Wium is a lineage holder in the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition with a professional background in multi-media production. In 2008 he received inspiration for this project during a pilgrimage in the Peruvian Andes.

To be a Co-Creator and support Wisdom From North please visit
Thank you for your Co-Creation! 

Post Film Live Q&A with Filmmaker Jeffrey Wium - "Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino"

Saturday, 2 January 2016



Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino is an inspirational film conveying the heart-based intelligence and celestially integrated lifeways of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition. Recorded on location in the Peruvian highlands, this intimate documentary takes viewers on a journey into the heart of an ancient eco-spiritual lineage to experience the practical and mystical lifeways that have sustained one of this planet’s few unbroken wisdom traditions.

The film's non-narrated format offers audiences an unmediated experience of the Andean maestro's day-to-day life and their animistic relationships with the conscious life force inherent within all aspects of the Natural World. Viewers receive universally applicable insights into a way of being based on loving kindness, unconditional reciprocity, equanimity, sustainability and the sanctity of daily life– foundations of what is known as the Living Peace.
The Andean Holy Mountain Tradition in association with Wiumworks, Beyond Boundaries Institute and Ayllu K’anchaq Qollyur have created this legacy offering to help inspire and revitalize modern society at a time when unprecedented numbers of people find themselves seeking balance and a deeper means of connection and renewal. It is our wish to help birth the Light from the obscurity of our times.


Wisdomkeepers are the guardians of nature's mysteries within the Lakota ceremonies and their practices, the medicine that is ruled by them, the songs that infuse our senses and our spiritual body, and the forces they produce that are identical to nature and its motivating power. These oral and entirely spontaneous transmissions, given by the three holy men, Joe Flying By, Dave Chief, and Leroy Curley, are a rare treasure of the highest generosity, directed for the greatest good. Their stories are told with complete equanimity, vividly conveying, without rancor or judgement, how Western civilization lacks connection to the natural world. Because passing on elders' wisdom in the oral tradition to the next generation is almost impossible, given the fact that the three important elements of the Lakota culture--the land, the people, and the language--are all but gone, the film's producer/director has provided a great service to those who have an interest in, and wish to learn from, ancient Native American teachings that have rarely been exposed.

Producer/Director: Ora Abel-Russell

Friday, 1 January 2016

Larry Santoyo - Permaculture for Humanity: Beyond Buildings and Food

Permaculture and the Sacred: A Conversation with Starhawk

Starhawk, contemporary witch, activist, and permaculturist, spoke at HDS on March 7, 2013, about how earth-based spirituality can inform and empower efforts to build sustainable communities and societies. 

Starhawk is a founder of Reclaiming, a contemporary Pagan tradition that blends Goddess spirituality and social activism, and of Earth Activist Trainings, which equips people to combine permaculture design with political organizing and spiritual practice. A leading interpreter of feminist Wicca, she is the author of "The Spiral Dance," "The Fifth Sacred Thing," "The Empowerment Manual," and many other books.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Sustainable Living through Permaculture Systems

Warren Brush (Exec. Dir., Quail Springs Permaculture Gardens) guides us through the various interdependent sustainable living & food production systems at Quail Spring Permaculture Gardens & Sustainable Living Facilities (Maricopa, Ca.). Produced for public television by Barrett Productions, Ventura, Ca. More info

The Story of Place with Joel Glanzberg

Joel Glanzberg presents the Story of Place of the Mad River Valley at the Center for Whole Communities in Fayston, Vermont on June 23, 2011.