Monday, 28 December 2015

Beyond Sustainability - Building Community Resilience Through Nature Connection

Beyond Sustainability - Building Community Resilience Through Nature Connection

Jon Young has been studying traditional cultures for the past 30 years. As an expert tracker and nature mentor who has worked with children and adults throughout the US and Europe, he intimately understands and has seen the effects of our disconnection with nature, ourselves and each other. From this disconnection a degenerative cultural system has emerged that has led to competition, strife, alienation, isolation, and rapid environmental degradation.

When people are connected deeply to nature, they begin to embody the qualities that lead to deeper connection with self and others.

In this call, Jon will tell us how we can begin to build strong local communities designed on the bedrock of deep nature connection. He will explain specific practices that will help us repair our culture and create the structures that increase bonds and strengthen relationships between individuals and individuals, individuals and the group, and individuals and nature. Through culture repair, we will be able to work together to transition from a dependence on the global economy to being able to support a thriving, regenerative culture committed to meeting our human needs in our own local community.

A Conversation with Jon Young: Culture Repair

Jon Young Part 1 NatureCultureNetwork- Art of Mentoring 2012

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