Tuesday, 5 June 2012


We organised a Permaculture Conference in Lisbon with Bernard Alonso!We were a nice group of People listening to Bernard about our Global Food Problems,how do solve them,how to work on ourselves -the Human Permaculture Way and much more interesting stuff.Thanks a lot to Bernard for comming and all the people involved making this happen.There will be a PDC Course with Bernard Alonso in November 2012 in Aldeia do Meco near Lisbon and also a 10 Day Reforestation Workshop adressing the problem of the Pine Tree Monoculture Forest dying all over Portugal.Stay in touch and visit following websites for more information: www.healthesoilcsa.org and www.permacultureinternationale.com


Very interesting trip to the famous community of Tamera in Portugal.The weather was not so good that day,lots of wind and rain but Sepp Holzer gave a nice and inspiering introduction to the waterlandscapes and permaculture gardens he design for Tamera!It was good to see the motivation of the community members and participants that they have into this project and this way of farming.Good Trip!!

Monday, 4 June 2012


Vale das Aromaticas is a 3,8ha Farm in Aldeia do Meco Portugal.The site is beautifully located in a Valley 5min. from the ocean and 25min from Lisbon.Its an up comming and fast developing Farm and already a lot of Trees and Vegetables have been planted.Right now we are working in establishing the infrastructure Compost Toilets,Kitchen and Showers,Yurt.

Planning to start a Permaculture Learning Centre for Children and Adults ,also want to get involved more in the local community,start CSA,giving workshops,making kitchen gardens and spread the word about sustainable living and permaculture.

a lot of pine trees had to be cut down because of sickness,mostly sandy soils some parts high acidity.a lot of herbs grow wild,need for windbreaks,soil improvement and more tree cover.want to have chickens soon on the farm!bees,mushroom production and earthworms are also planned.

We are also working on making Vegetable beds BIG time right now,want to get a big production going for selling at local markets and organic basket system.Already planted are:Potatoes,Corn,Beans,Pumkin,Onion,Garlic,Lettuce,Beetroot,Carrot,Tomato,Sweet Peeper,Chilli,Eggplant,Watermelon and looottttss of herbs.
In November 2012 we are organising a 14 day certified PDC Course with Bernard Alonso from Canada and 5 international certified Flying Team Members to support your learning experience focusing on Communitiy Living,Human Permaculture and Master Plan Design of the Farm.

End of November 2012 there will be a 10 Reforestation Workshop-The Permaculture Way,transform a sick Pine monoculture Desert into a productive and stable Food Forest System.some of the Benefits:encourage wildlife,more biodiveristy,less risk of fire in summer,get income from diverse products-multi-purpose trees,fooder for animals,firewood,revitalisation of acid soils-heal the soil and your soul!

There will be Permaculture Expert and Teacher Bernard Alonso,plus a local Forest Expert and 5 international certified PDC Holders with us to Design a Model Forest System which could be copied all over Portugal and become the solution for the dying Pine Tree Forests and Forest Fires which every year cause a lot of damage all over Portugal.

Please stay in touch an check following websites for news and updates on courses:

We are part of an international network with projects in India and Portugal and much more comming soon......