Friday, 15 March 2013

Bhajan of the month

Govinda Narayana Gopala Narayana
Govinda Govinda Narayana 
Govinda Gopala Narayana 
Govinda Govinda Narayana 
Govinda Gopala Narayana 

Names of Krishna, incarnation of Vishnu (Narayana). Knower of the hearts of all.

The Farmer of the 21st Century

The farmer of the 21st century must become one,who understands science with his mind,awakens spirituality in his heart and works the land with his hands.

by Rudolf Steiner

Friday, 1 March 2013

some characteristics of a Permaculturist

  • Gives priority to his intuition (right brain) - bio information
  • observes the environment 
  • implements nature's laws (cooperation,interrelations,abundance,web of life)
  • creates a sustainable vision and reply's to needs
  • Plan (DESIGN) before going into action

The Journey continues

the future Aims and Goals of our Journey:

  • establish deeper ecological sustainable thinking & holistic networks around the world
  • creation of self reliant autonomous communities worldwide
  • to help facilitate meaningfull change into an abundant future
  • to learn how to be free and also ethical and principled
  • to find once niche in the ecosystem & focus on comming to peace with who one is
  • together explore & facilitate transformational consciousness states & experiences
  • the fusion of environmental social activism and independent art