Saturday, 31 October 2015

Mysteries of the Unseen World & Gratitude- Louie Schwartzberg

Happy & Healthy Soil

A simple way to soil management in your Permaculture gardens. Follow this 8 Guidelines and your soil will be generaly happy and healthy!

Patterns in Nature

Pattern Undertstanding and Pattern Application is a vast and exiting topic in Permaculture.Understanding Forms and Functions of Patterns in Nature can help us to work with the forces of nature rather then against them. Thats what makes good regenerative design! here are some Universal Patterns combined in a Mind Map.enjoy!

Friday, 30 October 2015

Soil Sun Soul PDC SPain 2015 with Rico Zook - Slideshow

Here are a few pictures of our 3rd PDC in Spain,Alta Garrotxa area together with Rico Zook and Soil Sun Soul Team at a beautiful location ,Mas Pujou. Thanks to everyone involved and enjoy the pictures.
Thanks for the photos to: Fi , Kate & Roman
Music by : Sun Hayland