Friday, 26 June 2015

Core Model Poster by Gaia Craft

“The patterns and forms of a tree are found in many natural and evolved structures; an explosion, event, erosion sequence, idea, germination, or rupture at an edge or interface of two systems or media (here, earth and atmophsere) may generate the tree form in time and space. The tree form may be used as a general teaching model for geography, ecology, and evolution; it portrays the movement of energy and particles in time and space.”
– Bill Mollison

Inspired by an exercise from Permaculture Elder Larry Santoyo, this collaborative project between Delvin Solkinson and Martin Bridge grew out of their work together at the CoSM Visionary Permaculture Design Certificate Course. If you were to redesign society from the ground up, what elements would you need to have in place?

Consider both visible and invisible elements of that system. Integrating the design principle “Make it beautiful” and the spirit of CoSM’s effort to provide the most creative and inspiring model in all their efforts, Martin Bridge developed this learning tool over a number of versions.

This art is being offered freely to any designers, teachers and student who wish to utilize it in their work. This is a gift to the Permaculture Movement to support the evolution of permaculture education worldwide. Visit to see more of Martin’s work

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