Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Facilitating cultural shifts

Facilitating cultural shifts - the great turning

• Demonstration – Capturing people’s attention and showing them that there are alternatives can be the first spark. When people have direct experience of the beauty and a share in the abundance, such as a walk through a forest garden, they are inspired. If visitors can see for themselves that people can live
attractive, radiant lifestyles they will be interested to know more.

Training – Moving people from seeing to doing for themselves. Building people’s skills and providing them with the practical know-how support them on their journey. Giving people the information they need; a map of the territory and map-reading skills.

Resource production – Seeds, plants, trees, films and books are instrumental in continuing the journey. Sometimes it is a tool or resource that is needed to enable a shift in patterns. Having the right resources enables self-responsibility.

Research – It is of ongoing value to be continually refining and improving based on research. Research can reveal the benefits, costs, disadvantages, and short-, medium- and long-term effects. A centre can afford to make mistakes they can learn from, more than farmers in Nepal who are dependent on results for their livelihood.

We can do these things as individuals as well, inspiring others by transforming our
selves, widening our own capacity and modelling the values we believe in and thereby
promoting the benefits.

previous text was taken from the Book : People and Permaculture - highly recommended!


The New Economics Foundation started the Happy Planet Index,The 10 steps to sustainable well-being that they have laid out are:
  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • Improve healthcare
  • Relieve debt
  • Shift values
  • Support meaningful lives
  • Empower people and promote good governance
  • Identify environmental limits and design economic policy to work within them
  • Design systems for sustainable consumption and production
  • Work to tackle climate change
  • Measure what counts
the time is now.........

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