Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Abode of the Clouds (North-east India)

In the Garo Hills, North East India, local communities are taking the lead in adapting to climate change. By abandoning the age old tradition of slash and burn "jhum" cultivation in favor of large scale ecorestorative projects, the Garo's are actively creating a favorable environment for a wide variety of flora and fauna, including the Asian elephant and the Hoolock Gibbon. IUCN NL and the Wildlife Trust of India support these efforts by cooperating closely with the local communities.

Since time immemorial people and the wilder beasts have co-existed in the Garo hills. The land, blessed with abundant water, fertile soil and thick forest cover, is home to one million people and wild animals — like elephants, gibbons and leopards. Since ancient times, the forests around the village communities are seen as sacred groves and have been preserved and worshiped. They appreciated and respected the fact that the forests provided them with food, water, shelter and everything they needed for life.

"Abode of the Clouds" is a film by Megan Haagh and Paul Hendrix, narrated by John D. Liu. It is the result of two years of reporting on the elephant corridor projects in the Garo Hills and is a part of IUCN NL's What if we Change project.

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