Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Chambe Rock Orphanage - Malawi,Africa

5 days Permaculture Awarness Course at Chambe Rock Orphanage with Chris Walker.It was a wonderful experience and we really transformed this Orphanage during the 5 days course.We had theorie and hands on practical work which gave a good introduction into the world of Permaculture.We found more than 100 Mango Tree Seedlings just in the area of the Orphanage and started a Mango Tree Nursery for Income Generating straight away.

Implemented during this 5 days:

* Banana and Papaya Circles
* Tree and Vegetable Nursery
* Greywater System
* Rainwater Harvesting
* 50 Trees planted
* Compost System
* Swales
* Raised Vegetable Beds

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